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Charter Flights

Aquarius Aviation operates charter flights for tourists, embassies, oil and gas production companies, NGOs & development projects etc. We  had a pleasure of supporting operations of local and foreign authorities, VIP’s and celebrities.


We fly passengers and cargo between airports and paved, or unpaved airstrips in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries.


Our fully staffed offices in Addis Ababa co-ordinate all flights efficiently and professionally.

We are available 24/7 to answer and support any of your request and make sure your experience with us is exceptional.


Contract Operations

We have performed contract operations for most oil & gas, mining and seismic companies operating in Ethiopia, using our twin engine, pressurised aircraft and helicopter.


We fly between international airports or dirt airstrips and from high to low altitudes. We operate in many neighbouring countries including Djibouti, Sudan, Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland.


We value our clients' time and money so every flight is planned with maximum efficiency in mind.  When you work with us, you work with a friend.

Aquarius Weekend Getaways

Our Company organises tours for business travelers, diplomatic community, expats etc, who has a day or two to spare.

We organise charter flights for day trips to:

- The historical towns of Lalibela and Gonder

- Overnight tours to the Danakil

- Overnight tours to amazing mountains of Gheralta 

- Overnight in the spectacular mountains of Bale and Semiens

- Scenic flights to Debre Libanos and the Jemma gorge

Includes Guide + road transport + accommodation

6-12 passengers

Prices starts from $300/person - $1150/person


Emergency Evacuations/Survey flights

Aquarius Aviation is ready to pick up your clients in case of any emergency and bring them back to Addis for further medical attendance.

Our aircraft can be configured specifically to accommodate sophisticated ISR systems, video equipment, still photography and infrared cameras to support your scenic or survey flight operation needs.

As a local company, we can assist you and your clients where you may have any problems, assisting if they get sick or have difficulties anywhere, we go the extra miles.  We will help  - call us any time.

Tourist Flights / Safaris

Aquarius will give you unforgettable experience on a flight showcases some of Ethiopia’s incredible scenery- flying through the ancient land. Ethiopia has been praised for its outstanding natural beauty, dramatic landscapes and ancient culture, leading the European Council on Tourism and Trade to select it, out of 31 countries, as this year's top holiday spot.


Tourists visit Ethiopia, attracted by its fertile national parks, 3,000 year-old archeological history and nine UNESCO world heritage sites.


Aquarius Aviation offers flights to all tourist destinations in Ethiopia using a fixed wing aircraft and helicopter.

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